Musical Cultural Heritage

We do not view cultural heritage as something to be enshrined first and foremost, but as something which has to be lived. “Conservation” alone is a process for museums. In contrast, putting cultural heritage into practice, communicating it through teaching, and reflecting on it academically means keeping it alive. We feel a particular obligation towards the latter.

Our goal is to train responsible people in the areas of musical practice, music teaching, and musicology, who in their work-life, will actively shape, influence, and inspire the future from the knowledge and experience of history. With the realisation of this goal, the university makes a fundamental contribution to the cultural heritage of the present.

The excellent handling of this heritage is supported significantly by documents and materials in the university archives, the Jazz and Pop Archives Eisenach, and in the Thuringian State Archives. These archives support research, artistic practice, and teacher training.

The archives enjoy an excellent reputation in the world of music and academics well outside Weimar. Making this important music document heritage available to students and lecturers is another central task at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.

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