Committee elections

Board elections 2024

In the summer semester 2024, elections to the Senate, the Faculty Councils and the Advisory Board for Equal Opportunities will be held for all students at the university. Elections to the Assistants' Council will also take place for the first time. The elections will include the necessary by-election of the Faculty I member of the Advisory Board for Gender Equality. 

The elections will be held for the first time as electronic elections (online elections) with the option of voting by post. The election will take place from 12.06.2024 8:00 am to 14.06.2024 2:00 pm.

All further information can be found here and on the Presidium notice board on the first floor of the Fürstenhaus to the right of the entrance to room 0.09.

Announcement of election (German, PDF)

Election schedule (German, PDF)

Distribution of seats (German, PDF)

Distribution of seats Institute boards (German, PDF)

Supplementary elections Senate 2023

Results of the supplementary elections to the Senate on 11 and 12 December 2023:

Announcement of the final election results (German, PDF)

Board by-elections 2023

Results of the committee elections on February 7 and 8, 2023:

Final results of the by-elections to the committees (German, PDF)

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The election office is located at Platz der Demokratie 2/3 in Rößler's House, room 301.

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