Students who discontinue their studies (with the exception of leave of absence) or duly complete their studies should have themselves exmatriculated, i.e. terminate their membership of the university. This also applies if you transfer to another university. New enrolment there generally requires the submission of the last certificate of exmatriculation.

The application for de-registration must be submitted to the Department of Student and Academic Affairs (ASA). You can find the application form here. Applications for de-registration can be submitted at any time. A desired de-registration date must be specified. This must lie between the date of receipt of the application and the end of the semester.

De-registration is pronounced by the university by handing out/sending the de-registration certificate. If no exmatriculation application and no re-registration have been received, you will be exmatriculated ex officio by the Department of Student and Academic Affairs (ASA).

Further information on de-registration can be found under § 14 of the enrolment regulations (1st amendment | 2nd amendment).


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