Frequently Asked Questions

The library - briefly explained

Using the library

Is the library open to everyone?

Anyone can come to the library and work.


Only students at the Hochschule für Musik or another university in Thuringia can borrow items. Please come to the counter for this.

How long can you borrow items?

Main library in the Fürstenhaus:
books and music: 6 weeks / 2x renew
Ds, DVDs and Blu-Rays: 7 days / 2x renew

Musicology branch library, hochschulzentrum am horn:
books and CDs: 2 days / 1x renewal

What does it cost if I hand in my books/notes too late?

1st reminder 1,50 Euro
2nd reminder 2,50 Euro
3rd reminder 4,00 Euro

After that you can no longer borrow books because the account is blocked.

What happens if I have lost a book or it is broken?

Please report to the counter.


Are there computer workstations?

Yes. There are PCs in the main and sub-librarie which you can use to work and access the internet.

Is there an overhead scanner?
Yes, there is a Bookeye 5 in the branch library that you can use for scanning. Please bring a USB stick with you to the library.

Are there photocopiers?

Yes. There are photocopiers in the main and sub-librarie where you can print, scan and copy with your thoska.

Can I borrow a camera?

Yes. The Main Library lends out video cameras, audio equipment and tripods. Please note the publication rights!

Can I borrow an iPad?

Yes. The Main Library lends iPads with tripods and foot pedals.

What if a book is not available at the HfM?

Then you can initiate an interlibrary loan and order the title from another library or ask that we buy it. Please ask at the counter.

Opening hours

When is the library open?

Here are our current opening hours for the main library and the branch library.
There may be other opening hours during the semester break.


Where can I find books, sheet music, etc.?

The library is located in several houses.

Can I borrow everything?

In the main library in the Fürstenhaus there are books, sheet music and CDs that you can borrow. 
There are also video cameras, recording devices and iPads.
The locations are: reading room, large format, stacks, media cabinets.

In the musicology branch library and in the reading room are encyclopaedias and special literature and sheet music. Here you can only borrow for a few days.


Where can I find books, sheet music, etc.?

You can search for, order, reserve and renew titles in the OPAC and in the discovery system CHECK LIS(Z)T. Please ask at the counter or use one of our tutorials.

Where can I get help?
Please ask at the counter if you need help.
You can find our tutorials here.

Logins and access

Where can I renew my loans?

You can renew your loans in the user account in the OPAC and in the discovery system CHECK LIS(Z)T. 

What is my library card?

The thoska is your library card and can be used to pay at the copiers. To do this, you need to top up your thoska with Paypal: (  
The topped up credit cannot be used in the canteen!

What is my login for the OPAC?

Your login consists of:

  • ID card or user number : 10-digit number under the barcode on your thoska
  • password : the first 3 letters of your surname

What is my login for PCs, e-mail and databases?

You will receive your Uni-Login from the Computer Centre of the Bauhaus University. If you have problems with your Uni-Login, please ask at the Computer Centre of the Bauhaus University:

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