Study healthy - Student health management

Learning difficulties and exam stress, family problems or pressure to succeed have a negative impact on the body and psyche and make it difficult to study successfully. In the protected space of the university, we therefore promote preventive health care for our students.

In particular, we focus on how to deal with psychological and physical stress. With practical offers we want to strengthen the self-confidence of our students and their sovereignty in dealing with their personal resilience.

If you need support in a difficult situation or would like to talk to someone, we are happy to help. On the page Social Matters and Counseling you will find offers of help and contact persons.

Current offers

Current offers of the University Sports Centercan be found here

Lecture Music & Health 2
Dr. med. Katja Regenspurger
Fridays, 11:15 a.m. -12:45 p.m. (start 12 April 2024)
Lecture hall, hochschulzentrum am horn
Registration via Moodle: 

Alexander Technique
Elisabeth and Helmut Rennschuh
Mondays, 10:00-11:30 a.m.
(Kick-off event 12 April 2024, start 15 April 2024)
Ensemble room 312, Palais hall
Registration via the BUW University Sports Centre

Verena Skuk
Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30 a.m. (start 16 April 2024)
Jakobsplan 1
Registration via the BUW University Sports Centre

Acute consultation for musicians at the Hufeland-Klinikum
For diseases of the musculoskeletal system for musicians, artists and sportspeople
Daily 11:00-12:00 a.m. and daily except Fridays 3:00-4:00 p.m. 
Registration under Tel. 03643-773838
Can be used by students and teachers. A referral is necessary.


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