Our self-image

President's circular letter to members of the university on 4 July 2023

Dear students, dear colleagues, 

We are living in challenging, crisis-ridden and sometimes worrying times. The latest figures and events must make us alert and attentive. Therefore, our university as an educational institution is also called upon to take a stand. 

As an encouraging signal and as a means of identification both internally and externally, the university management has decided to show its stance with a banner. In doing so, we point to central values of our society, which we actively represent and defend as a university community. 

The terms are not freely invented, but derived from the existing mission statements and processes of our institution. The colours are the primary colours from which all other colours can be mixed as in the new version of our university logo.

We are:

  • diverse: After a two-year auditing process, our university was awarded the "Vielfalt gestalten" (Shaping Diversity) certificate by the Stifterverband on 9 May 2023 - and thus for its commitment to diversity.
  • borderless: Our internationalisation strategy for the years 2023-2027 was adopted by the university's extended senate on 28 November 2022.
  • tolerant: In the community team for the "Weimar Declaration", I represent the university as president and take a firm stand against extremism and exclusion.
  • uniting: We stand for the values named in the university's "Mission Statement" and "Teaching Mission Statement", including respect and equal opportunities in a community of responsibility. 
  • cosmopolitan:Around half of our students now come from near and far abroad. We are also internationally mobile ourselves and network globally.We are Thuringia's ambassadors to the world.
  • virtuosic: It is in the DNA of our university that we strive for - and achieve - virtuosic excellence in music practice, music education and music research. 

It is planned to hang the banner at the Fürstenhaus, alternating with our other banners, and to make it available as different print products. 

I hope that you can form your very own picture of our university within the broad associative space of these six terms. And I hope that it is a positive, warm-hearted and passionate image in which you find yourself. 

Identifying with the university where we study and work creates a motivating climate of community, creativity and mutual appreciation. With the new banner, we as the university management would like to give an impulse here.

Yours sincerely

Anne-Kathrin Lindig
President of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar