Department of Guitar

The Weimar Guitar School

Three professors and four tutors are responsible for training guitarists at the Bachhaus Belvedere. With Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering and Prof. Ricardo Gallén, two world-renowned guitarists teach at the small department that is unique in Germany, very successfully continuing the long tradition of educating young concert guitarists and instrumental teachers.

An ideal atmosphere makes for good studies. There are plenty of practice rooms in 'our' Bachhaus at the Schlosspark Belvedere, with ample opportunities to meet and engage with each other. There is a close working relationship between teachers and students: our doors are open to everyone, and we nurture a continuing dialogue among colleagues.

In addition to chamber music, we place much emphasis on pedagogical training, as these two aspects play a significant role in the professional lives of most of our students. Weekly recitals give students a good opportunity to present what they have learnt.

The internationality of our student cohort gives rise to many ideas and events, and our German students also take advantage of going abroad for one or two terms in order to gain new experiences (an aspect which we encourage whole-heartedly).

The goal of our programme is to prepare students for the professional life of a (more or less) free-lance performer/teacher, with all the responsibilities of such a role. In order to gain these skills, all of the department’s professors and tutors work together with the students in very close and engaging fashion.