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This handout is intended to provide all teachers, students and administrators with an overview of how best to organise events in our complex system.

Event categories

There are a total of 4 event categories. They differ primarily in terms of how complex they are in terms of personnel and financial resources. When registering for an event using the form, you can see which category your planned event belongs to. 

→ Category 1: Class evening / Study concert
→ Category 2: Concert +
→ Category 3: Major projects
→ Category 4: Competitions / Master Classes

Registration form

The registration form is structured in such a way that all planners can quickly see when an event no longer belongs to Category 1. You can find the form here.


Events that incur costs must always be financed by the departments or faculties. You should always check whether the funds are available for an event before registering. You should therefore speak to the departmental directors and managing directors.

Posters and programmes

Standardised print media are provided for category 1 events. This is due to the high number of class evenings. 

Please contact the print media office for this.

Check dates

It is highly advisable not to plan a class evening on certain days. The best example: on Dies Academicus, the birthday of our university on 24 June, there are traditionally no classes.

The short press text

The short press release for the registration form is essential for the application on the homepage and in the social media. Ideally, you should formulate the text in such a way that it can be included directly in our event calendar.

Send the text as part of your event registration to nicolae.vezure(at) If you have any further questions about press and public relations work including social media, please contact the press department at presse(at)

Secure rooms

Event rooms can be booked both internally and externally. Externally in consultation with the respective hirer, internally always with our digital room booking system Asimut. To do this, use the link to Asimut on our website. You will need your HfM login details.

Rough schedule

It's difficult to determine exact procedures six months in advance - fortunately, you don't have to. However, it is still useful to know in advance whether flowers are to be presented, whether there will be a break or whether set-up, conversion or dismantling needs to take place.

Technical requirements

Event technology is a popular trap. Do we need microphones for speaking or singing, amplification of instruments, presentation media or additional lighting? All of this can be organised - if we know in good time. The recording studio's original task is to make recordings, but it is also happy to advise on live sound reinforcement.


There are peak times that place heavy demands on our Events Office (VB) and the Press and Marketing departments. Only events that have been registered in good time can be organised as public university events in order to adapt the planning of personnel resources to the project density.

The three most important deadlines are 

→ In the previous semester: room booking (recommendation)
→ Ten weeks before the event: conceptual discussion
→ Six weeks before the event: category I registration


In our University of Music, contracts may only be concluded by those responsible for the budget (usually our managing directors in the deaneries) or the President. It is advisable to have a fast line to the dean's offices, where our managing directors support the planning in an advisory capacity.

After the concert is before the concert

Please always bear in mind when planning: Who will clean up later? Who transports instruments? These and other questions are central to the smooth running of several consecutive events. We like to organise a concert with a jazz combo after a harpsichord concert.

Transport service

Our transport service is purely a driving service. It is therefore necessary to provide active support for larger transports. All help is welcome, whether student, teaching or administrative. Unfortunately, the university has no staff for this.

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