All about the aptitude test

Selection phase video stage

In which subjects / instruments / degrees does a video preselection take place?

For the winter semester 2024/2025, a video must be uploaded in the following subjects:

→ Violin
→ Violoncello
→ Flute
→ Clarinet
→ Guitar
→ Singing
→ Piano
→ Accordion
→ all subjects in the field of jazz
→ all early music instruments
→ all instruments in the field of organ and church music
→ also for applications for the Master's degree in Orchestral Conducting

For an application in composition, the pre-selection will be made on the basis of compositions to be submitted.

The pre-selection is already the 1st stage of the aptitude test.

What technical requirements must be met?

→ The recording does not have to be professional.

→ The camera distance must be 3 to 5 metres.

→ At the time of the application deadline, the recording should not be older than one year.

→ The duration of the video is 10 to 15 minutes including a personal introduction.

→ All works are compiled in one file (.mp4) and played one after the other.

→ The individual works are not edited.

Where can I find the content requirements for my instrument/degree?

The specific requirements of the aptitude test can be found in the → Study finder under each instrument.                            

Where and by when do I have to upload my video?

The video can be uploaded to the application portal during the entire application period. This is not possible after the deadline.                                                                

What if I have a technical problem?

If you have any technical problems, please contact Mrs Anke Günzel, e-mail anke.guenzel(at)

You should take care of the video in good time so that there is enough time to answer any questions before the application deadline.

Where can I find instructions?

Updated instructions will be available in February 2024.

Selection phase aptitude test in presence in Weimar

Why does an aptitude test take place in Weimar?

Aptitude tests are an opportunity for applicants to present the university's teaching staff with evidence of their essential artistic abilities for the chosen degree programme. Here, particular attention is paid to developed musical talent, interpretative ability and creative drive.

The examination boards also pay attention to developed instrumental, vocal or movement skills. In addition, proof of musical aural skills and knowledge of music theory must be provided.

How is an aptitude test carried out?

For the practical aptitude test, you should expect to spend 1 to 2 days in Weimar. As a rule, the elements of the aptitude test can be completed on 1 to 2 consecutive days.

The aptitude test is an individual examination in artistic subjects. In theoretical subjects, written examinations will take place in groups (music theory and aural training).

In artistic subjects, an aptitude test lasts 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the subject; in music theory, the written test lasts 45 minutes. Further information can be found in the special requirements in the → Study finder.

Who will be present at the aptitude test?

You will present your artistic-practical examination to an examination board made up of teachers from your main subject. This will consist of at least three examiners.

The examination is not open to the public, i.e. other applicants and family members cannot listen in.

Will I have more than one aptitude test?

An aptitude test consists of several elements. In addition to the aptitude test in your main subject, other subjects may also be tested. Depending on the degree programme, additional artistic and theoretical examinations may be required.

How can I prepare myself?

You should plan your examination programme according to the requirements for your subject so that your strengths are presented in the best possible way. You will often have the opportunity to explain your motivation and artistic goals to the examination board in a final interview.   

You can also prepare for the theoretical aptitude tests in music theory and aural training using the recommended literature (→ minor subjects music theory and aural training (German, PDF). We provide you with a → sample exam (German, PDF) for the minor subject of music theory and a → sample solution (German, PDF).

Who determines my examination programme?

In the main subject examination, you will perform three works from different stylistic periods. If there are no specific requirements from the examination board, you are free to choose these yourself.

Please pay close attention to the information in the special requirements in the → Study finder.

Who do I send my examination programme to?

The (provisional) examination programme is uploaded to the portal with the application documents.

If you wish to make changes at a later date, you can inform the university at least 2 weeks before the aptitude test. Please use the e-mail address: studium(at) 

What instruments are available to me on site? Will I be provided with an accompanist?

You play the major subject examination on your own instrument. Instruments are available on site for piano examinations in the major or minor subject. An organ is also available for the aptitude test. Information about the instrument can be found here: → disposition of the organ at the Palais (German, PDF)

Please indicate the need for accompanists in the portal so that they can be provided for you. If you are applying for the concert exam, you must bring your own accompanist to the aptitude test.

What happens if I make a mistake in the aptitude test?

Mistakes in a practical examination are normal and nothing to worry about! Examination boards will take it easy on you if you correct yourself in this case.

What if I have a disability?

If you have a disability due to chronic or permanent illness, you may be granted compensation for disadvantages. Please contact us at studium(at) in good time so that we can develop a customised solution for your needs.

If you fall ill at short notice before the aptitude test, a new date can be set for you. As a rule, a doctor's certificate must be submitted.

Can I be exempted from parts of the aptitude test?

Theoretical parts of the aptitude test for an undergraduate degree programme as well as the aptitude test in the minor subject piano can be waived upon application if proof of adequate study and examination achievements in the relevant subjects has already been provided.

The application for a waiver of parts of the examination must be submitted in writing to the university's examination board together with the application, but no later than three weeks before the aptitude test date, together with the relevant certificates of achievement.

Please send your application informally by e-mail to studium(at) To speed up processing, please send all documents with your application. If the application is received later, it will no longer be considered. In this case, the applicant will take the aptitude test in full.

When will I find out the result?

You will be informed of the result via the application portal no later than three weeks after the aptitude test. You will then find a notification of the result in your mailbox. There are three options: 

→ 1. a notification that you have passed the aptitude test with an offer of a study place. 

→ 2. a notification that you have passed the aptitude test with a place on the reserve list if more applicants have passed than there are places available. 

→ 3. a notification of failure of the aptitude test.

Practical information

How do I get to Weimar?

By airplane
The nearest airports are Leipzig/Halle (125 km to Weimar), Frankfurt am Main (280 km) and Berlin (290 km). 

By train
Weimar can be reached quickly by ICE train: from Leipzig/Halle in approx. two hours, from Frankfurt am Main in approx. three hours, from Berlin in approx. three hours. Trains run several times an hour from Erfurt main station to Weimar (approx. 15 minutes). You can find out more here: 

By bus
Various long-distance buses travel to Weimar several times a day. You can search for suitable connections at or at 

By city bus from the main train station
From Weimar main station, take bus lines 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8 from the bus stop directly opposite to the Wielandplatz stop. From there, walk across Frauenplan to Marktplatz. In the immediate vicinity of the market square is the Platz der Demokratie with the Fürstenhaus, the main building of the University of Music. The bus timetables for the individual routes can be found here: → Timetables

By car
If you are travelling via the A4 motorway, take the Weimar exit coming from Dresden or Frankfurt a. M. and follow the signs towards Weimar-Zentrum. After the "Goethehaus" sign, turn right and follow the "Ackerwand" road. After a long left-hand bend, you will find the Fürstenhaus on the left-hand side at the Platz der Demokratie, next to the historic Duchess Anna Amalia Library. As the university is very centrally located, there are only a few pay and display car parks. We therefore recommend the underground car park at the Goethehaus (Beethovenplatz 1/2). From there it is only a few minutes' walk to the university. Further information can be found here: → Arrival / Parking

City maps for orientation on site can be found here: → City maps

The aptitude tests take place in various buildings that are just a few minutes' walk from the Platz der Demokratie. The buildings in Belvedere can be reached by bus line 1.

Where can I stay overnight?

If you have a longer journey or your aptitude test takes place over several days, you can find accommodation here, for example: → Youth hostels in Weimar

There is also a room booking service via the tourist information office at the market square: → Accommodation in Weimar

You can find barrier-free accommodation here: → Barrier-free accommodation

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a passport or identity card. In addition, bring your sheet music for the exam and the instrument on which you will play the exam (see above for exceptions).

What do I do if I am ill, delayed or have not received my visa on time?

Please inform us immediately if you are unable to attend or are late. Aptitude tests are complex to coordinate and cannot always be rescheduled or postponed at will.

In justified exceptions, we will try to organise an alternative date. This cannot always be guaranteed.


How long does the aptitude test in Weimar take?

You should expect to spend 1 to 2 days in Weimar for the aptitude test in practice. As a rule, the elements of the aptitude test can be completed on consecutive days.

Can I warm up before the aptitude test?

Warm-up rooms are available on the day of your aptitude test.