Registering in two steps

Step 1: Reserve a room

Check in the room booking system Asimut, if the room and date planning can be realized for your event. Then contact Mr. Nicolae Vezure as the responsible staff member of the event office. 

Office hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please note: The room is reserved at this time, but not bindingly booked! The room is not booked until you submit the registration form.

Step 2: Register the event in writing

Fill out the registration form and hand it in to Mr. Nicolae Vezure. Only now is the room bindingly booked.

You can obtain the registration form from Mr. Vezure or here:

Event registration form

Should your event have to be cancelled, please remember to notify Nicolae Vezure.

Why written event registration?

  • A room reservation becomes valid only upon submission of the completed registration form.
  • Only if the general conditions of the event are noted in writing, the event office can consider special requirements, such as concert support. 
  • Publication of the event in the University's print and online calendars requires written registration of the event, as does the use of other services, such as the design of advertising media through the Marketing Department.
  • Instrument shipments cannot be ordered until event registration is complete.
  • With your event registration, you notify us of the works to be performed. This program information is decisive for GEMA processing.

In principle, each student/professor/lecturer is responsible for the registration. If student assistants are assigned, then they are responsible.

Event registration process in the flow chart

Event registration: Download Flow Chart (jpeg)


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