Using the library

The library is open to the public. If you would like to use the holdings for research, learning or reading, you do not need to register. This service is open to anyone who is interested. Borrowing is only possible for members of the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar and for members and affiliates of other Thuringian universities after registration.

To register, please go to the circulation desk with your valid thoska. There you have to fill out a form with your personal data. Please note that changes are not automatically passed on to the library.

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A large part of the holdings can be borrowed. To save time, please find out the shelf number from our catalog in advance and pre-order the title or come directly to the library counter.

The loan is limited to 30 titles.

Loan periods

Main Library in the Fürstenhaus

Books and music sheets:         6 weeks / 2 renewals
CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays:         

7 days / 2 renewals


Musicology branch library, hochschulzentrum am horn

Books, music sheets, CDs:

2 days / 1 renewal


Then you have to return the items.

Reference works, complete editions, musical performance material and periodicals cannot be borrowed.

Order - Pre-order

After searching in our online catalog, you can order the titles you want, provided they are available, i.e. not already on loan. To do this, click the "Order" button and then log in to your online user account.

To do this, enter your library number (below the barcode on the thoska) and your password.

You can then collect the titles from the library the following day.


You can reserve titles that are on loan. In this case, the current borrower can no longer renew the title but must return it at the end of his loan period. As soon as the desired title is ready for collection in the main library, you will be notified by e-mail and the title will be displayed as "ready for collection" in your user account.


Titles borrowed from the main library can be renewed in the online user account up to 2 times, provided they are not otherwise reserved.

If you are unable to renew online, please contact the main library counter: +49 (0)3643 | 555 124.


When returning media, please ensure that they are complete and not damaged. Entries in borrowed media must be removed before returning them. If this is not done, the library can request a replacement copy or procure a replacement at your expense.
Third parties can return titles, but the borrower is liable for the borrowed media.


1 day before the end of the loan period, our lending system will send you an e-mail, reminding you of the titles you have borrowed. Please then renew the titles (online in your user account or in the library) or return them on time. If there is any problem, please contact the library immediately.

If the loan period is exceeded, reminder fees are due per title:

1st reminder1.50 euros
2nd reminder2.50 euros
3rd reminder4.00 euros

If the title was borrowed from the main library and has not been reserved, there is one week between each reminder.

If the title was borrowed from the musicology branch library, you will already receive the first reminder on the day after the loan period has expired. The second and third reminder will follow in the next two days.

After the third reminder or in case of fees of more than 40.00 euros, the loan account will automatically be blocked until the titles are returned or the reminder fees are paid.

The reminder e-mail is automatically created and sent. The e-mail dispatch is neither managed nor checked by the library. E-mails that have not been sent or not received do not release you from your obligation to return items.


In case of loss or damage to borrowed titles, please contact the library immediately to avoid unnecessary reminder fees. If the title is not returned, you are obliged to provide a replacement. This is done by providing a replacement copy by the user himself or by the library.

The library is obliged to charge processing fees for the incorporation of a replacement. If the replacement copy is procured by the library, additional fees will be charged in full amount of the costs.



You can print, scan and copy with your thoska at the copiers in the library.

To do so, you must have loaded credit onto your thoska. You can top up credit via PayPal ( or by buying a voucher.

Bookeye 5 overhead scanner

A Bookeye 5 is available for free scanning in the musicology branch library.

The scanner can only be used with a USB stick, please bring your own device.

Quick guide (PDF)


Internet workstations are available in the library for research and academic work. You can log in to any of the PCs with your personal university login.

Digitization station "Soundinsel"

A digitization station and an audio editing station are available in the branch library. Here, recordings can be made from records, cassettes or CDs on the PC and then processed and saved on a USB stick or CD.


The main library lends digital video cameras, audio equipment and tripods to record musical events for study purposes.

Please pay attention to the publication rights!



The main library lends iPads Pro in 11 and 12.9 inch sizes (with stands and foot pedals) to enable all university members to use apps relevant to their studies. Please ask the library for the lending conditions.

Orchestral material

Orchestral material available in the library can be borrowed on request.

Material that the library does not own can be obtained from the publishers via the library. To order or determine costs, please contact 

•    Request for loan material (PDF)

Interlibrary loan

If a title is not available in our library, it can be ordered from another library. To initiate an interlibrary loan (ILL), submit the interlibrary loan request, stating the author, title, publisher and year of publication, at the counter of the main library or the Musicology Branch Library, or send it by e-mail to annekathrin.mueller(at) .

A processing fee of 1.50 euros is charged for each interlibrary loan. Please note that the processing and delivery time takes about 2 weeks.

Guest users

Guests can work within the library and use its various collections. Lending is only possible to members of a Thuringian university or after request to the library management.

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