ChatGPT - what's it to me?

ChatGPT - what is it to me?
Why Mozart, Liszt & Co. have more to do with AI bots than you think

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Senatssaal Fürstenhaus

Impulse lecture: ChatGPT and its implications for university teaching (Ludwig Finster, FH Erfurt)

Panel discussion with Prof. Jörn Arnecke, Prof. Ekhart Wycik, Alexander Vaughan and student representatives

Moderation: Dorothea Warneck

The event is open to the university public.

For half a year now, the news about ChatGPT and other text-generative AI bots has been flying. The rapid development of AI writing tools will permanently change teaching, learning and testing also at the Weimar University of Music. These challenges have to be faced and answers to questions have to be found: How will written (final) papers be handled in the future? How can exams be assessed fairly in the future? How can ChatGPT be used and approved as a useful tool? What competencies do students and teachers need for a productive and critical handling of AI bots?