Department of Conducting and Opera répétiteur studies

The Department of Conducting and Opera répétiteur studies offers courses in choir and orchestra conducting as well as opera répétiteur training in the context of various Bachelor and Master degree programmes. In addition, the highest artistic degree can be achieved in orchestra conducting in a two-year programme that concludes with the so-called concert diploma.

Every curriculum for the Bachelor or Master degrees comprises an emphasis subject and a number of other artistic and practical areas along with the respective major of orchestra conducting, choir conducting and opera répétiteur training. One very special characteristic of the Weimar programme is the opportunity to be instructed by several teachers within the major area. The entire programme is characterised by teamwork – collaboration and collegiality have top priority.

Along with rigorous lessons, the programme places great importance on a large amount of practical training. Cooperation agreements exist with a number of orchestras both within the region and in foreign countries. In addition, career training in the form of internships in all areas are encouraged in opera houses. This is where students can learn about how an opera house operates, gain experience in the rehearsal process, and closely follow the development of a production; this is where they can put their skills to the test of reality.

Not leastly, this close and immeasurably valuable practical connection has made Weimar into one of the top addresses for successful conducting and opera répétiteur studies, and thus the important stepping stone to a subsequent career.

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