Orchestra/Choir for Practical Conducting Lessons (OPD/COPD)

In the project "Orchestra/Choir for Practical Conducting Lessons" (OPD/COPD), students of orchestral conducting train for everyday professional life, namely working with an orchestra. And for students of choral conducting, the project is an important opportunity to rehearse with a larger ensemble as well as with a choral symphony.

This "orchestral workshop" also offers students of orchestral instruments the opportunity to gain experience in orchestral playing or choral singing and to get to know symphonic and choral symphonic literature. 

The special attraction lies in the opportunity to learn and try out new working and communication techniques in the protected space of the OPD, and to be perhaps the decisive step ahead in rehearsals with a professional orchestra.

The OPD is set up independently of the university as a free orchestra and finances itself exclusively through donations.

Since its foundation, this model has served as a role model for many conducting training courses throughout Germany. As a cross-institutional project, the joint rehearsal work promotes and strengthens mutual awareness and critical examination of one's own level of performance. The OPD takes place three to four times per semester, the COPD once per semester.

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