Thuringian Gender Equality Competence Network (TKG)

The Thuringian Gender Equality Competence Network (TKG) is a joint scientific organisation of the Thuringian universities to initiate, further develop and consolidate gender equality measures and to inform, advise and network gender equality activists.

Equal Opportunities Officers, heads of family offices and students from the participating Thuringian universities as well as representatives of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen and, if applicable, the municipal Equal Opportunities Officers or the Local Alliance for Families are active in the network.

Aims and tasks

The aim of the TKG is to promote equality as a quality feature in science, equal opportunities for women and men, the elimination of discrimination and a culture that values diversity.

Supporting and advising Thuringian universities on measures to promote equal opportunities in the areas of research, teaching and continuing education

  • Advice on measures to promote young talent (e.g. mentoring programmes, coaching, company excursions)
  • Advising universities on applications for gender and diversity-related teaching and research projects and supporting them in acquiring funding
  • Support in the conception, implementation and further development of didactic modules for the design of gender-equitable teaching and continuing education programmes
  • Support in the conception, implementation and design of gender and diversity strategies

Professionalisation of gender equality work and organisation of cross-university gender equality activities at Thuringian universities

  • Promotion of gender/diversity competence among university staff
  • Measures for gender-sensitive study orientation for pupils, including in cooperation with Thuringian grammar schools as part of the project weeks organised (e.g. technology course, Roberta), taster studies (e.g. summer university, physics summer, Campus Thuringia Tour), taste-MINT process, etc.
  • Conception and organisation of events on gender equality topics

Quality assurance in the area of equal opportunities

  • Development of cross-university quality standards
  • Further development and implementation of the gender monitoring system


The TKG provides various funding opportunities to support equal opportunities work at Thuringian universities:

  • Action weeks & theme days (Achtung & Respekt, International Women's Day, German Diversity Day)
  • Cultural events relevant to gender equality (film screenings, exhibitions, readings)
  • Awards for final theses
  • Travel grants for female students
  • Rowena Morse mentoring programme for young female academics and artists
  • Lectures and round-table discussions on current gender equality topics
  • Scientific events


Thüringer Kompetenznetzwerk Gleichstellung
c/o Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Jenergasse 8
07743 Jena

Federal Commission "Artistic Universities"

The Equal Opportunities Officer is a member of the "Artistic Universities" commission, which looks at gender equality specifically at artistic and artistic-scientific universities. Her work focusses on

  • Quality assurance of artistic appointment procedures
  • Crossing boundaries in teaching and sexualised discrimination and violence at universities of the arts
  • Promotion of young artistic talent
  • the situation of lecturers at Music universities

Dual Career Network Thuringia (DCNT)

The Dual Career Network Thuringia (DCNT) is an association of Thuringian universities, research institutions, businesses and other organisations that support dual-career couples in their professional and family development. The network provides information and suggestions on living and working in Thuringia.