Network 4.0 of the Universities of Music

In the Network 4.0 of Music Universities, 18 of the 24 music universities in Germany have joined forces to jointly tap the potential of digitization for teaching and studying at music universities. As the network project with the largest number of members in Germany in the "Strengthening University Teaching through Digitization" program, it is funded by the Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching. It sees itself as a strategic alliance that is specifically dedicated to the special features and challenges at universities of music. Issues specifically arising at universities of music are addressed and adequate solutions are developed.

Further information can be found on the network's homepage.


The network evaluates previous experiences with digital teaching and study formats, draws inspiration from examples of good practice, including internationally, and thus creates digital added value for both teachers and staff as well as for the students of all universities in the network. The focus is on artistic and musical education. This poses very special challenges for concepts for digital teaching if inspiration and sustainable enrichment of artistic teaching and improved preparation for the job market are to be achieved.


The Network 4.0 of the Universities of Music

  • ► develops concepts, examples of good practice and learning opportunities related to digitalization for studying and teaching that can be used by all participating universities,
  • ► offers a communication, exchange and learning platform through conferences, workshops, training courses and further education,
  • ► provides project-related advice and support to member universities, and
  • ► strengthens the cooperation across the federal states and the innovation competence of the music universities as a whole.

The operational work of the Network 4.0 is divided into eleven sub-projects, which are organized into five thematic focus areas (teaching development, continuing education, future skills, study development, digital technologies).


On the website of the Network 4.0 of the Universities of Music you can find detailed information about the eleven subprojects.

Events and training

Mediate, motivate, test, advise individually. The Network 4.0 offers music-specific training courses especially for teachers at conservatories.

Calendar of events