Logins and access

User account (online catalog)

Your personal data, loans, reservations and costs can be viewed, extended or canceled. You can also change your password in the online user account.

Library card "thoska"

The thoska with its various functions is an important companion in student life. Among other things, it serves as a library card.
If you lose your thoska, please contact the library immediately to prevent misuse.

Your thoska also serves as a cash card at the library's photocopiers.

To do so, you must have loaded credit onto your thoska. You can top up credit via PayPal (https://www.hfm-weimar.de/en/study/campus/thoska-card) or by buying a voucher.

The topped-up credit cannot be used in the Mensa! 

Library login (user account, orders and reservations)

You need your library login for all services offered by the online catalogs. It consists of:

  • Card / Library number: 10-digit number under the barcode on your thoska.
  • Password: the first 3 letters of the surname are preset


The password can be changed at any time in the user account. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the library staff.

University login (work stations, e-mail, shibboleth)

You will need the university login, which you receive from the Service Center for Computer Systems and Communication (IT Service Center), to register on to the library’s PCs and for your e-mail communication.

You also have to log in via Shibboleth with your university login if you want to use the online services outside of the HfM.

Please note the relevant data protection declarations of the providers/publishers and the information on data processing during registration. 

If you have any problems with your university login, please contact the IT Service Center of the Bauhaus University: https://www.uni-weimar.de/de/universitaet/struktur/zentrale-einrichtungen/scc-rechenzentrum/

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