Mission Statement

The University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar sees itself as aninternationaltertiary education and research institution. Deeply rooted in the tradition of European music, it is at home in the highly symbolic cultural city of Weimar.

Inspired by Franz Liszt, our educational programme consists of three pillars: practical music training, teacher training, and research. These three pillars are indispensable for a wholistic education and complement one another.

We seek answers to the central questions of art, culture, and society. For this reason, innovation, curiosity, and openness are the standards by which we measure our actions. For us, musical education and character building are inseparable. In this context, gender equality and consideration for the differently abled are a matter of course.

Our mission results from the lived musical cultural heritage that we are constantly renewing and carrying forward. Teaching, art, and research are free and create a space for studying, experiments, and renewal.
Our graduates are well-educated in music, teaching, and research. They act autonomously, and energetically take-on social responsibility. The ever-changing job market is our incentive to provide our students with practical preparation for working-life. With our work, we combine an expectation of excellence with the wide-ranging impact of music.

We view ourselves to be a ‘community of responsibility’ and carry this attitude with us into society. Lecturers, students, administration, and technical staff learn from – and with – each other, creating a communicative and healthy work climate. Our community is characterised by diversity and we meet each other with respect and esteem. We live a culture of openness, which animates students to become self-confident members of the university.


University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar – A place for...

Unsere Absolvent*innen sind umfassend gebildete, autonom handelnde musikalische, pädagogische und wissenschaftliche Persönlichkeiten, die engagiert gesellschaftliche Verantwortung wahrnehmen. Eine sich ständig wandelnde Arbeitswelt ist für uns Ansporn, unsere Studierenden praxisnah  auf ihr berufliches Leben vorzubereiten. In unserer Arbeit verbinden wir Exzellenzanspruch  und musikalische Breitenwirkung.

Wir verstehen uns als Verantwortungsgemeinschaft  und tragen diese Haltung in die Gesellschaft. Lehrende, Studierende und Mitarbeitende in Verwaltung und Technik lernen von- und miteinander und befördern damit ein kommunikatives und gesundes Arbeitsklima.

In unserer vielfältig geprägten Hochschulgemeinschaft begegnen wir uns mit Respekt und Wertschätzung. Wir leben eine Willkommenskultur, die animiert, ein selbstbewusstes Mitglied der Hochschule zu werden.