From the first audition onwards, there is an expectation of excellence and qualified support for the entire course of study and student life at our university. Performance exams, final assessments, internships, PhDs, master classes, and competitions represent the promotion of excellence and stand for significant performance in the areas of the performance arts, teaching, and academics.

At the same time, excellence is understood more broadly, in that it accompanies the entire educational process in academic, artistic, and moral regards. In this respect, personal recognition and communal experience are just as important as a free and self-determined course of study which also characterises our expectation of excellence.

The desired level of excellence is qualitative, meaning that first-class artists, teachers, and academics aim for results that are excellent and not simply quantifiable in numbers.

Ultimately, excellency requires regular re-thinking, adjustment according to the situation, and optimisation. To this end, lecturers, students, and members of the administration at our university are in continual dialogue.

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