Mission Statement teaching

This mission statement on teaching describes the fundamental values of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, as they are to become apparent in teaching and studies.

We see teaching as a task for everyone who works at the University, because only together can we create an environment for successful learning. The teaching and learning process, as it is guided and accompanied by the teaching staff, is at the heart of the University's education. This process is bilateral, meaning that the focus is on learning from each other. As a result, we always treat each other with respect, tolerance and acceptance.

As a University of Music, we offer a broad and varied spectrum of practical, educational and musicological courses. We exemplify the intensity, enthusiasm and earnest with which music can be explored, shaped and passed on, aiming to foster individuals in their comprehensive education and interdisciplinary thinking, while supporting them in their endeavor to assume professional and social responsibility with commitment and self-confidence.

The teaching mission statement is the binding foundation and the benchmark for the development of our study programs. It is open to adaptation in the light of changing requirements.

Enabling Individuality and Diversity

Our university thrives on the versatility of its students and teachers and encourages this characteristic. To this end, all members of the university create and maintain a protected space. The university takes this into account by offering individually tailored study programs, with a focus on encouragement and support, personal recognition and shared experiences.

The individual and small group lessons that comprise the curriculum of a music academy are characterized by the close relationship between teachers and students, which in turn demands a great sense of responsibility from everyone. In this context, teachers have a special duty of care.

Teaching plans are designed to offer equal opportunities for support and encouragement as well as the consideration of individual needs. Compensation for the difficulties suffered by disadvantaged students is worked out on an individual basis and granted without complications.

Our University of Music and its teaching traditions, which originated in Central German music culture, thrive on the international and intercultural exchange of its members. We act in the spirit of a humanistic and cosmopolitan view of art and culture and actively support diversity and variety, which we consider to be enriching. As a university community, we respect the varied conditions that arise from personal and cultural origins.

Through international mobility, teachers and students expand their wealth of experience and allow it to enrich their studies and teaching practice. The University ensures the parameters for this process and offers the necessary advisory services and contact partners. Technical and administrative staff provide reliable support to both teachers and students.

Proven in Practice

At the center of the training is the acquisition of practical experience combined with critical theoretical reflection. In all phases of their studies, students acquire practical artistic and pedagogical experience in various concert, performance and teaching settings. Students acquire scientific competence through lectures, seminars and exercises.

They have the opportunity to do research in the Thuringian State Music Archive of the University. The design of the study program allows for versatile practical and teaching skills and offers the additional capacities of experiences outside the curriculum.

The University cooperates with cultural institutions in Weimar and Thuringia as well as partner institutions in Germany and abroad. Thus, the University of Music is actively involved in the entire spectrum of cultural life.

Preventive Health Care

Preventive health care is promoted in the protected space of the University. The focus here is particularly on how to deal with psychological and physical stress. With practice-oriented offerings in all departments, the study program strives to be as holistic as possible. The goal is to strengthen students’ self-confidence and their skills in dealing with their own personal resilience.

Promoting Potential and Opening up Perspectives

In a close dialogue between teachers and students, the methods of teaching and learning being offered are critically questioned, evaluated and further developed on a regular basis. This opens up new perspectives and contributes to the students’ personal and musical development. Experienced professional advisors along with exchange and grant programs foster the students’ success in their studies and support their transition to beginning a professional career.

For us, promoting potential means the comprehensive development of all musical, pedagogical and scientific talents of the students. The University fosters the ability to independently shape a successful career path, offers opportunities to form a personal network and develops the necessary skills together with the students. A culture of innovation is nurtured and enlarged by offering a wide range of continuing education opportunities for teachers and staff.

We see successful teaching as a joint task. Its success requires the involvement of all minds and hearts - with passion and solidarity.