The University of Music in the social media

The term "social media" is a collective term for online offerings that are composed of user-generated content. These include, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia and TikTok. The HfM is represented on several of these platforms with its own channels. 

These channels are edited and maintained by the university's press department. The university can also be found on Spotify and Deezer with the podcast LISZTEN. There is also a university profile on LinkedIn, which mainly highlights job vacancies. 

The social media presence is increasingly shaping the image of the university in public and makes it possible to get in touch with people inside and outside the university in a direct way. Social media thrives on exchange and interaction. The university welcomes your active involvement on the aforementioned channels, for example by commenting, liking and sharing posts. 

If you would like certain texts, photos or videos to be published on the university's Facebook channels or on Instagram, please contact the press department. Please direct requests for our YouTube channel to the recording studio.


In social media, fair, polite and tolerant interaction with each other should be a matter of course. We welcome exchange and factual discussions. We deal with criticism constructively. Posts that contain insults, obscenities, personal attacks, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or sexist remarks will be deleted from the university channels. Commercial advertising is not permitted on the university channels. 

The transitions from professional to private are often fluid on social media. As a member of the university, you can always be perceived as a representative of the university on social media, even if you would like to appear in private. Be aware of this, make your opinion known as private if necessary and do not use pseudonyms. Personal criticism of procedures and processes within the university should not be made public on social media, but should first be addressed internally in the right places. In any case, careful consideration should be made before such publication and the other possibilities for criticism and complaint should have been exhausted. 

Furthermore, the terms of use of the respective social network apply.

Decentralised social media channels of the university

All social media channels that are related to the university but are not managed by the press department are considered decentralised social media channels. These can be channels of institutes, ensembles, subjects and fields of study or individual projects. Please be aware that anyone who posts on a decentralised channel is automatically acting on behalf of the university. The social media guidelines apply. 

Social Media Guidelines of the university for download (German, PDF)


If you have any questions, please contact our press department. It will be happy to support and advise you on the implementation of your ideas in social networks. In case of legal questions, the legal department is your contact.