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The library's collection is spread over various buildings and locations.

In the Fürstenhaus you will find books, sheet music and CDs available for loan. 

Titles from the reading room in the main library and the musicology branch library in the hochschulzentrum am horn (hzh) can only be borrowed for a short time.

If you want to search specifically for a location in our catalog, use our discovery system CHECK LIS[Z]T or use the following search keys in our OPAC:  

Large format in the stacks, main librarysst g 
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Musicology branch librarysst mw 

Main library

The main library offers students and teachers a media stock of over 100,000 pieces of sheet music, CDs and books. You will also find the reading room here, equipped with basic literature and internet workstations, as well as a photocopier, interlibrary loan and loan material procurement (especially for ensemble projects).


In the stacks of the main library, there are sheet music and books you can borrow. The stacks are only accessible to the library staff. To select the literature for you we need the shelf numbers, which you can find in our online catalog.

Media cabinets

In the media cabinets of the main library, you will find the majority of audiovisual titles, i.e. CDs, DVDs, videos and Blu-Rays. All titles can be borrowed, but can also be viewed or listened to in the library. A Blu-Ray player is available in the reading room for this purpose.

Reading room

Reference works, older volumes of periodicals and selected editions of sheet music are located in the reading room of the main library. Titles from the reading room can be borrowed over the weekend.

Musicology branch library

Since the Institute for Musicology was founded in 1990, the musicology branch library has quickly developed into a fully equipped specialist library. The library in the hochschulzentrum am horn now offers space for about 40,000 titles. Books, sheet music, journals and sound recordings can be found in open access on four floors.

The library's holdings include:

•    General information

•    Historical & Systematic Musicology

•    Cultural Management

•    Transcultural Studies

•    Jazz and Popular Music  

Stereo systems and copiers, as well as a microform reader can be used. The computers in the library are available for research and academic work. 

Students can borrow most of the stock as a short loan (2 days) and teachers can borrow for 1 week. Loans are only possible to university members and members of another Thuringian university. Reference works, complete editions, journals, records and rare books cannot be borrowed.
There are two carrels on the fourth floor, which can be used by musicology students on request.

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