Accessibility Statement

The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar is continuously working on making its online offers, at available in an accessible manner, so that people with disabilities or chronic illnesses can enjoy equal participation.

The accessibility requirements are rooted in the Thuringian Act on the Accessibility of the Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Bodies and the Thuringian Accessible Information Technology Ordinance.

This Accessibility Statement applies to the websites of the LISZT University, which is published under It does not apply to project websites that are not created in the university’s content management system.

This Statement was updated on 1 December 2022. To date, a third-party WCAG test has not been carried out. This Statement was drawn up on the basis of the review of the website, using a self-assessment scheme implemented on 1 December 2022.

The LISZT University Weimar’s website is not yet fully accessible, within the sense of current standards. In accordance with national legislation on the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2109 of the European Parliament, deficiencies will be successively corrected and accessibility continues to be improved.

Non-accessible content

  • The necessary alt text to explain images is almost fully available. However, often only the titles of the images are given, and no descriptions. The HfM is continuously working on adding descriptive alternative texts to the images on its more than 2,800 website pages.
  • Only some videos have subtitles. Transcriptions are provided for individual audio files.
  • An offer in simple language does not yet exist. However, we try to use the simplest language possible. Unfortunately, due to the complex content in the university sector, this is not always possible. A "landing page" for the website in simple language is in the planning stage.
  • Saved documents (PDF, Word) are not yet fully available in accessible versions.


Report barriers to access

If you notice barriers to access on our website, or would like to receive information about how we are making it accessible, you can contact our online editorial team. We are very grateful for information and suggestions for improvement.

Enforcement Procedure

If you believe that we have not handled your feedback in a satisfactory manner, you can contact the Thuringian enforcement office:

Thuringian State Officer for People with Disabilities
Werner Seelenbinder Straße 6
99096 Erfurt
Tel.: +49 361 | 573 811 741
Email: vz_bmb(at)