Prize winners 2011

Category I

1st Prize: Vladislav Fedorov (Russia)

At the age of 6 Vladislav Fedorov was accepted at the School of Arts for Children in memory of E.A. Mravinsky in St. Petersburg and had his first public performance. He  received piano lessons from Olga Proyaeva. Fedorov, born in 1997 in Russia, has been studying at the Special Music School in St. Petersburg since 2009. His current teacher is Olga Kurnavina. Regular master classes with professors from the well-known Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory serves as a special enhancement to his studies. Vladislav Fedorov has drawn attention with several international competitions: In 2006 he was a prize winner at the Internaional Mozart Competition in Brno (Czech Republic), at the International Young Musician Competition in Tallinn in 2007, at the 9th Adriatic Music Competition in Italy in 2007 as well as at the International Competition Fryderyk Chopin in Narva (Estonia) in 2010.

Contact: mr.presto(at)

2nd Prize: Ke Wang (China)

Ke Wang received his first piano lessons at the age of six. Two years later he was accepted into the Middle School after placed first in a selection process. The Middle School is associated with the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music. There he receives tuition from Prof. Zhe Tang, who, as one of the youngest professors at the  American Eastman School of Music, changed to the Shanghai Conservatory in 2003. Ke Wang has won the first prize at the 6th Chinese Zhejiang Youth Piano Competition. Apart from that he was chosen to give a solo performance at the Osaka International Music Festival in Japan in 2009. He has given a recital at the 80th anniversary of the  Shanghai Conservatory of Music and was one of the selected artists for the Steinway 125th Year Anniversary Chinese Concert Tour in Hangzhou, China. The participation in Weimar was the first international piano competition for the 13-year old Chinese.

Contact: wangke.1997(at)

3rd Prize: Si-Eun Choi (South Korea)

Although Si-Eun Choi still has to celebrate her fourteenth birthday, her list of competition achievements is long. Born in 1997 in the South Korean capital, the young pianist is currently studying at the Yewon School in Seoul under Shin-Kyung Kim. Already in 2006 Si-Eun Choi won the first prize at the Han-mi Music Competition and the Yewon Music Competition. In addition, she received the Gold Prize at the Asia International Piano Academy Festival Competition. Between 2007 and 2009 she received a variety of first and second prizes at music competitions all over South Korea, too many to mention here. Further concerts include solo performances with the Guri City Symphony Orchestra, concerts at the Arts Center prodigy concerts and the Yewon International Camp for excellent pianists.

Contact: cindy9837(at)

Category II

1st Prize: Mariam Batsashvili (Georgia)

Already as an eleven-year old she gave a Young Talents concert in Austria, two years later she was invited to perform as a soloist at the 4th International Festival Moscow Meets Friends in the Russian capitol. Now 17 years old, the Georgian Mariam Batsashvili can look back on an array of international recitals and competition accomplishments. The pianist, born in Tblisi in 1993, won the advancement award at  the Internationalen Wettbewerbs für Junge Pianisten in Ettlingen in 2008, in 2009 she won the Grand Prix at the International Piano Competition Die Goldene Taste in Frankfurt. In the same year she gave solo concerts in Stuttgart and Ingolstadt, in May 2010 she performed in Cape Town, South Africa as part of the Georgian Independence Day celebrations. Mariam Batsashvili is currently studying under  Natalie Natsvlishvili at the E. Mikeladze Central Music School in Tblisi.


2nd Prize: Taek Gi Lee (South Korea)

In 2009 Taek Gi Lee was accepted at the Preparatory School at the esteemed Korea National University of Arts. Here he receives tuition in piano from Prof. Choong-Mo Kang. Born in1996 in the South Korean capitol Seoul, the 12-year old was already very successful at competitions: In 2008 only, he won the Grand Prix at the Anyang Music Competition and the Samick - Bechstein Piano Competition, in addition he has won the first prize at the Suri Music Competition and the Eumag Chunchu Competition, all of which took place in his home country Korea. After two solo recitals in connection with the Kumho Prodigy Concerts and the 26th Young Musicians Performance in 2009 he won the third prize at the 59th Ewha & Kyunghyang Competition in 2008. Taek Gi Lee is studying at the Yewon School in Seoul. 

Contact: tklee999(at)

3rd. Prize: Dominic Chamot (Germany)

In 2010 Dominic Chamot prospered at three competitions: The fifteen-year old pianist won the second prize and the audience award at the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians in Enschede, the first prize at the Kleinen Schumann-Wettbewerb in Zwickau as well as the first prize and the audience prize at the 57th  Steinway-Klavierspielwettbewerb in Berlin. Born in Cologne in 1995 into a German/Swiss family of musicians, he attends the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Bergisch-Gladbach. He already received violin lessons at the age of five, and at the age of seven he taught himself piano as well as composition and improvisation. In 2007 Dominic Chamot was accepted into the Pre-College Cologne at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne in the class of Prof. Sheila Arnold. There he takes, amongst  other things, classes in chamber music from Prof. Anthony Spiri and fortepiano lessons from Prof. Gerald Hambitzer.

Contact: pa.chamot(at)

Special awards

  • Mariam Batsashvili
    - Special award for the best interpretation of a work by Franz Liszt, donated by the LISZT FOUNDATION
    - Spezial award of the "European Union of Music Competitions for Youth" (EMCY)
  • Gun Chaikitiwatana
    - Special award for the best interpretation of a classical work, donated by the LISZT FOUNDATION
  • Taek Gi Lee
    - Special award for the best interpretation of the best interpretation of a 20th century piece, donated by Klavierhaus Michael Fiech
  • Dominic Chamot
    - Special award for the best interpretation of the best interpretation of a 20th century piece, donated by Klavierhaus Michael Fiech
  • Alexander Vorontsov
    - - Special award for the best interpretation of the best own composition, donated by Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
  • Oksana Goretska

  • Julia Marczuk
    - Scholarship for participation in the Weimar Master Classes