Concerts and workshops

The Department of New Music and Jazz hosts public concerts every academic year. They are highly valued as a fixed element in the university's calendar, serving multiple purposes:

  • concerts with new instrumental and electroacoustic compositions by students in our composition programmes
  • renditions of twentieth-century works by renowned performers, as a complement to the classical repertoires performed at the University of Music (for example, portraits of individual composers, recitals, electroacoustic music, 'themed' concerts, etc.)
  • nurturing our national and international contacts in composition and performance (since 1997, we have featured guest composers and performers from Finland, Sweden, Greece, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Japan, the USA, and elsewhere at the department’s concerts and workshops)
  • workshops with composers and performers of contemporary music from Germany and abroad; the results of these workshops are presented in regular concerts
  • documentation of the concerts through recordings held at the university’s multimedia library, some of which take place in cooperation with public broadcasting houses

In cooperation with the Department of Musicology, select concerts are enhanced by public lectures and pre-concert talks.