1. Music and Movement

  • Prepared piece: Music and movement (with improvisation section)
  • Improvisational exercise-Music and movement (movement fantasy, movement coordination, movement rhythm, movement expression, interaction with partners and groups)
  • Improvisational exercise with objects/ appliances
  • Exercise for metric/ rhythmic coordination

2. Voice

  • Prepared vocal piece (with improvisation section)
  • 8 prepared songs from various genres (i.e.,Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Folklore, Folksong, Children’s song, Art song)-one song must be a capella, one song must be with own instrumental accompaniment, one song must be with own percussion or body percussion, and one song must be with an own dance or movement accompaniment
  • Improvisational exercise voice/ spoken word

3. Instrument

  • Prepared instrumental piece (with improvisation section)
  • Improvisation exercise on the applicant's instrument
  • Group improvisation exercise

4. Music Pedagogy

  • Musical directing of a group (elaboration of a song, instrumental piece or dance with vocal, instrumental, or movement improvisation sections)
  • A written plan of the applicant's lesson must be included
  • Proof of a music pedagogy practicum or teaching experience with children, adolescents or adult groups
  • Discussion of music pedagogy issues and literature for elementary music pedagogy/ Rhythm

The audition is a group exam and will last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Applicants are asked to bring their main instrument as well as movement-friendly clothing (movement allowed only with athletic shoes or barefoot).


5. Specialisation Performance

Only for applicants who have chosen the specialisation "performance"

  • Performance: Artistic Study (motion and voice, movement and instruments, movement and multimedia)
  • Material for artistic study (i.e., working drawings, sheet music, pictures, text, analysations, reflections)