Studying church music in Weimar

The cultural city of Weimar is, and always has been, an important location for Church Music and Organ Music. Here, Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his most important organ pieces, while Franz Liszt got his organ reform underway. Nowhere else is it possible to experience the history of organ music as intensely as in this city, with its numerous authentic sites and instruments. The most famous selection of organs in central Germany is the starting point for a unique study opportunity in church and organ music.

The cultural city of Weimar sees the past rub shoulders with the present and the future, and, as a result, an in-depth immersion in history takes just as lofty a position as improvisation does. At the same time, research and work is carried out on the future of the organ and organ music itself, in the Experimental Organ Studio.

International co-operations and masterclasses, numerous excursions and outstanding practice opportunities supplement the degree course at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.

Further information about church music in Weimar

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