Before the application

Further questions and answers

Which teachers can I study my instrument with?

On this page you will find all the → teachers at the university in alphabetical order. In the "detailed search" you can sort the teachers by subject or instrument.

You can also find further information on the university's departments here: → Departments | Faculties

How do I find the right study programme for me?

Here you can find the degrees and degree programmes on offer for all the instruments and subjects you are interested in: → Study finder.

Here you will also find the study requirements, information on the aptitude test and study documents.

What degrees does the HfM offer?

The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar offers a wide range of degrees. You can obtain the following degrees here:

  • → Bachelor of Arts
  • → Bachelor of Education
  • → Bachelor of Music
  • → Master of Arts
  • → Master of Education
  • → Master of Music
  • → First state examination for the teaching profession
  • → Diploma in Church Music A
  • → Postgraduate artistic studies Concert examination
  • → Doctorate 

Further study programmes can also be found here: 

Where can I find out what the entry requirements are?

There are different requirements for the degree programmes. You can find these in the → Study finder under the respective instrument / subject.

They are also summarised here: → Required qualifications

What deadlines do I have to observe?

You have the opportunity to apply twice a year. Applications and aptitude tests are possible in the summer and winter semesters.

You can find the current dates and deadlines here: → Dates and deadlines

How can I have my previous qualifications and skills recognised?

If you change subject, you will generally be placed in a higher semester based on the periods of study you have already completed.

The recognition of previous study and examination achievements is carried out at the Examinations Office upon successful enrolment. At the beginning of your studies, you must submit certificates, transcripts of records and module descriptions for the work you have already completed.

What if I am not yet 18 years old?

If you are still a minor at the time of application, we require a declaration of consent from your legal guardian, usually your parents.

Please use this form and submit it with your application documents. → Declaration of consent from legal guardians (German, PDF)

Who can advise me if I have any further questions?

We provide general advice on the study programme, subject-specific advice on your studies and offer help and support in special life situations (e.g. studying with a child) or for individual needs. 

Student counselling

Diversity officer

International Office

Student Council

Students show their Weimar University of Music

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