Mobile hybrid technology for seminars, lectures and artistic teaching

Mobile hybrid sets can be rented at the university for courses, lectures, workshops, trial lessons, inter-university cooperation events and international projects. Joint hybrid events with on-site participants and external participants can be held quickly and easily via the university's video conferencing system. 

The hybrid systems can also be used in a variety of ways in artistic teaching, e.g. for rehearsal classes with prospective students from abroad, video recordings and video analyses. For optimal sound quality, additional microphones or instruments such as a midi keyboard can be connected via the audio interface.

3 small hybrid systems

  • → for up to 8 participants in presence as well as up to 300 online participants via zoom
  • → Graphic: Radius small hybrid set (German, PDF) 
  • → equipped with a Bose soundbar (range up to 6 metres), retractable 55-inch screen, integrated audio interface (Focusrite SCARLETT 4I4 with two microphone/instrument and 2 line inputs as well as 4 line outputs, in a practical case with wheels) 
  • → for use in artistic teaching, 2 Shure SM58 microphones, 2 Rode NT5 MPB double microphones (stereo), microphone stands and 3 Pro 8 Hex boom microphones from Audio-Technica are also available.
  • → The hybrid systems are thus suitable for rehearsal lessons, supplementary support for students on internships or semesters abroad, teaching formats with external lecturers or inter-university projects, and also for recording videos of artists.
  • → Locations: Fürstenhaus, Hochschulzentrum am Horn, Beethovenhaus
  • → To the video tutorial

1 medium hybrid set

  • → for up to 20 participants in presence as well as up to 300 online participants via zoom
  • → Graphic: Radius medium hybrid set (German, PDF)
  • → equipped with a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone (range up to 9 metres in diameter), a PTZ camera and a 75-inch screen or projector, audio interface (with two microphone/line inputs and 2 line outputs, in a practical case set with castors).
  • → Location: Hochschulzentrum am Horn (transportable to other buildings)

Reservation and terms of use

Reservations can only be made using this loan form (German, PDF), which must be completed and returned to medientechnik(at) at least seven working days before the desired date of use.

All members of the university (students in cooperation with a lecturer) are entitled to use the library. Use is only permitted on the university's premises.

In order to be able to use the system independently, students must have completed a technical training course. If this is not the case, additional technical support for the event should be requested at least 14 days in advance.

The loan is then dependent on the free capacities of the support for media technology. Technical training and workshops on moderating hybrid events, etc. are offered regularly and on request.