Instruments, Buildings, Libraries, Recording studio


Early Keyboard Instruments
Harpsichords after Ruckers (single / double), Giusti (single), Mietke (double), Zell (single), Blanchet (double / double), Taskin (double) and Virginal (Italian)
Clavichord (unfretted after Friederici) and Fortepiano (after Walter)
Chest organ (3 registers), Baroque organ in style of J.G. Silbermann (double, 13 registers/"Wechselschleife"), Historical organs in the region
Early String Instruments
6 Baroque violins, 2 Baroque violas, 2 Violas d'amore, 2 Baroque violoncellos, 7 Violas da gamba, Baroque bows

Early Woodwind Instruments
Renaissance recorder consort (13 instruments), Baroque recorders, 2 Baroque oboes


Lesson/Practice Rooms and Concert Halls

"Fürstenhaus" (18th century)
"Am Palais" (15th century)


with appropiate sheet music, facsimiles, books and CDs:

Library of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar
Library of the Department of Musicology
Thuringian Regional Music Archive
The Duchess Anna Amalia Library


Recording studio

CD productions and lending of recording equipment