The Early Music Ensemble

The Early Music Ensemble devotes itself to the preparation and performance of works of the 15th to 18th centuries in appropriate instrumental and vocal formations, including the consort. In the rehearsal phases, the Ensemble collaborates, depending on the repertoire, with one or more teachers of the Department of Early Music (sometimes also with guest teachers), who as musical mentors supervise or direct the rehearsal work or even participate. Some of the ensemble projects include, for example, historical dance or historical improvisation.

The Early Music Ensemble enhances the region with projects like:

  • "The Golden Age"
  • "Musica Veneziana al tempo di Tiziano" – Venetian music from the time of Titian
  • "Florilegium" – South-German Music of the Late 17th Century (Muffat, Biber, Schmelzer)
  • Italy and France – a musical inter-country comparison
  • Stage works/Scenic Projects, for example, H. Purcell "Dido and Aeneas", J.-B. Lully "Le Mariage forcé", "Canzone per Laura" – Music of the Trecento
  • Concertos of the German High Baroque
  • Bach and his Weimar Sons – 300 Years of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
  • Father, Son and Godfather – J. S. and C. Ph. E. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann – 300 Years of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Prof. Imke David, Prof. Myriam Eichberger, Prof. Bernhard Klapprott, Prof. Olaf Reimers, Prof. Lina Tur Bonet