Sujoo Lee

Sujoo  Lee
Photo: Hannah Elizabeth Tilt

Lecturer for elementary music education/rhythmics for instrumental teachers

Klostergebäude Am Palais


Sujoo Lee studied trombone at the Robert Schumann University of Music in Düsseldorf and elementary music education at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover. She completed her artistic and pedagogical Master's degree in Music and Movement at the University of Music in Trossingen. 

Since 2016, she has worked at music schools in the Hanover region as a music and movement teacher and as a teacher for trombone and euphonium - since 2018 at the music school of the state capital Hanover.  Her various age and target groups range from young children and teenagers to adults and people with disabilities. 

In addition, as a music and movement teacher and performer, she has designed many projects with children as well as entire families, music colleges and inclusion groups of adults. She brings the media of music, movement, speech/voice and trombone to the stage, combines them in a multimedia context and gives people a new approach to music and movement.  

At the University of Music FRANZ LISZT in Weimar, she has been teaching rhythmics and elementary music education for students with an instrumental pedagogical focus since April 2023.

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