Thuringian network for quality assurance

The "Quality Assurance at Thuringian Universities" network was funded by the Thuringian state government from December 2011 to December 2015 and served as a state-wide initiative to strengthen internal quality management at universities. The cooperation of all nine Thuringian universities aims to intensify the cross-university exchange on aspects of quality management and to implement joint projects in this area.

In a total of six sub-projects, approaches were developed that can be used on a pilot basis at individual universities to further develop quality management. Due to the profitable cooperation, the exchange has continued on an informal basis since the end of the state funding, usually with two exchange meetings per year. More information on the Quality Assurance Network at the University of Music Weimar you can find here.

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  • Kathrin  Seyferth
    Photo: Alexander Burzik

    Kathrin Seyferth

    Head of Academic Quality and Development

    Manager of the Committee for Studies and Teaching

    Accreditation | Degree Course Development
    Room: 003
    +49 3643 | 555 199

Network 4.0 of the Music universities

In the Network 4.0 of Music Universities, 18 of the 24 music universities in Germany have joined forces to tap into the potential of digitalisation for teaching and studying at music universities. As the joint project with the most members nationwide in the "Strengthening university teaching through digitalisation" programme, it is funded by the Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching.

It sees itself as a strategic alliance that is specifically dedicated to the special features and challenges of Music universities. It addresses issues specific to Music universities and develops appropriate solutions.

You can find more information here.