Internationalisation strategy 2023 - 2027

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The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar (HfM Weimar) developed this internationalisation strategy in a participatory process lasting almost a year. All members of the university were called upon to participate. This document contains the results of six strategy workshops in which all status groups were represented. The contents of the internationalisation strategy derive their legitimacy both from the participatory process and from the resolutions of the university bodies involved. 

Internationality has always characterised the Weimar University of Music in a special way. Adopting an international perspective is a building block of our tradition; above all, it is a motor for innovation and a catalyst for increasing quality. People from more than 50 nations study and work at the HfM Weimar. Almost 50 per cent of international students, around 120 university partnerships worldwide and around 50 student, teacher and staff mobilities per year are proof of its international profile and extensive networking. 

In the educational profile of the HfM Weimar, the areas of music practice, music education and musicology are linked in a special way. This interdisciplinary interweaving brings students and teachers into contact with each other in many ways, and at the same time places high demands on the coordination and organisation of the teaching programme. International students are required from the very beginning of their studies to be well oriented in terms of language. In order to ensure the success of their studies, their intensive support through a wide range of measures is crucial. 

Cooperations broaden professional perspectives in teaching, practice, research and administration. Innovative strength can be ensured in all these areas especially if newly gained experience is made available to as many members of the organisation as possible. Sharpening and expanding these and other dimensions of internationalisation are the goals of this strategy. Its fields of action and measures result directly from the core tasks of the HfM Weimar; they contribute directly to its successful further development.

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