The Idea

The German government created a national scholarship programme—the so-called Deutschlandstipendium—in 2011. It is designed as an innovative model of funding students and acts as an effective stimulant for public engagement in higher education.


How It Works

  • Your contribution to the Deutschlandstipendium is Euro 150 per month, generating a total of 1,800 per year.
  • The government will match your funding with the same amount.
  • You can also sponsor young talents for the entire duration of their course.
  • You can sponsor students from a subject area of your choice.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellent academic achievement as well as social, public engagement; applicants' previous education is also evaluated, and particular consideration is given to candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Your contribution can, of course, be deducted from your annual taxes.

Supporting the Young Generation, Establishing Networks, Generating Ideas

  • You support highly-motivated, exceptional students, and can present yourself as broadly engaged company.
  • You encourage artistic achievement of the highest degree.
  • You gain an insight into scholarship and culture.

Make sure to join! Together with small and large companies, private sponsors, institutions and charitable societies, we support the young generation and strengthen Germany's role as a hub of scholarship and culture.

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  • Manuela  Jahn
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    Manuela Jahn

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