ERASMUS+ guest students

It's great that you are interested in doing an exchange programme at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.
If you study at one of our partner universities abroad or are from a conservatory that is part of the Erasmus programme, you can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship to study with us.

How does it work?


Please register on our application platform EASY Mobility Online which will guide you through all necessary steps.

Most importantly you should prepare the following extra documents:
- Application Photo
- Proof of previous studies (Transcript of Records or most recent degree certificate)
- Motivational letter
- Curriculum Vitae (preferably in the Europass format)

Special requirements:
Students studying music performance: Link to video recording (15 - 20 minutes) on a streaming platform (you may also upload your video directly to the platform)
Students studying composition: Scores/portfolio of your own compositions

Your documents are first reviewed by your home institution and will be forwarded to us if you are nominated for the exchange. 


Please observe the deadline for ERASMUS applications of your ERASMUS office. It might differ from the deadline set by the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar which is March 31st for both the winter and summer semesters of the following academic year. Applications submitted later will be taken into consideration if there is still a free place with the major subject teacher.

Academic schedule

  • winter semester 1st October to about 15th February
  • summer semester 1st April to about 15th July
  • Christmas break usually about 20th December to about 5th January
  • semester breaks 16th February to 31st March and 16th July to 30th September

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is German. To be taught in English or other languages is sometimes possible, but please don't expect this. B2 German language skills are recommended. Further information about this level can be found here:

All ERASMUS students are invited to strengthen and improve their German language skills before starting the semester. German language courses are free for ERASMUS students and are offered by the Sprachenzentrum, at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Tel: +49 3643 | 582 392.

Please make your online application for the German language course here:
There you will also find further information.

Description of the grading system at the University of Music  FRANZ LISZT Weimar

The assessment is done by marks at a scale from 1,0 to 5,0. The following marks are corresponding to the following ECTS-Grades:

ETCS GradeECTS GradeDefinition
1,0   AEXCELLENT - outstanding performance
VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors
1,7 - 2,3      C
GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
2,7 - 3,3   DSATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings
3,7 - 4,0   ESUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
4,1 - 5,0
UNSATISFACTORY - Substantial improvement necessary; considerable further work is required

ECTS credits:
1 full academic year     =     60 credits
1 semester            =     30 credits
1 term/trimester        =     20 credits



Please note that the University of Music  FRANZ LISZT Weimar is not able to provide or arrange accommodations. They are provided by the institution "Studierendenwerk Thüringen". Please apply online after admission as soon as possible here:


Insurance coverage is not automatically provided. Students have to make arrangements themselves. Information and assistance can be provided by the contact person listed at the end of this information. More can be found here:

Student welfare arrangements

The school has traditionally a very good "looking after system" for international students. It includes meetings, excursions, parties and counselling and is run by staff members of the department of Academic and Student Affairs assisted by experienced students. The programme includes orientation meetings before the semester starts. 

Contact and counselling service

  • Karoline  Neufeld
    Foto: Alexander Burzik

    Karoline Neufeld

    Mitarbeiterin International Office

    ERASMUS Incomings (Studierende und Hochschulpersonal) | Betreuungsmaßnahmen internationaler Gäste
    Raum: 012
  • Ly  Tran
    Foto: Alexander Burzik

    Ly Tran

    Leiterin International Office

    Referentin für Internationalisierung

    ERASMUS (Hochschulkoordination) | STIBET | DAAD-Preis | Internationale Partnerschaften
    Raum: 012
  • Sandra  Domanetzki
    Foto: Alexander Burzik

    Sandra Domanetzki

    Mitarbeiterin Akademische und Studentische Angelegenheiten

    Mitarbeiterin International Office

    Im Prüfungsamt nur montags und dienstags erreichbar. Bitte bei Anliegen an das Prüfungsamt die Mailadresse pruefungsamt(at) verwenden. 

    Prüfungsamt | ERASMUS Outgoings (Studierende und Hochschulpersonal) | PROMOS | Beratung zu Auslandsaufenthalten
    Verwaltungsgebäude – Rößlersches Haus
    Raum: 106
    03643 | 555 147