DFG HfM Weimar Voice and Singing in
Popular Music in the U.S.A. (1900–1960)


Vocalmetrics 1.0

Concept and Implementation:

Martin Pfleiderer, Tobias Marx, Tilo Hähnel, Inga Langhans (HfM Weimar), Rainer Groh, Axel Berndt, Felix Schönfeld, Huong Nguyen, Eva Brumme (TU Dresden)

Vocalmetrics 1.0 enables users to interactively explore exemplary recordings of singing from US-American popular music between 1900 and 1960. The online tool visualizes nine parameters of voice and singing as well as additional information on the respective recordings.

Vocalmetrics 1.0 has been devised and implemented by the staff of the DFG-funded research project Voice and Singing in Popular Music in the US (1900-1960) in cooperation with students at the Institut für Software- und Multimediatechnik of the TU Dresden. The tool is based on HTML5 and Javascript. It is optimized for Chrome and runs with small limitations in Firefox. A maximized browser window is recommended for best viewing experience. If you wish to change the window size while the application is running, press F5 (refresh) to restart. Please note, however, that all prior adjustments will be lost.


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last update: 20.10.2014