Afghan musicians on tour: Established masters of traditional Afghan music meet German pop musicians.

Together with one of the most famous jazz pianists in Africa, the Ethiopian Samuel Yirga from Addis Abeba, the team from the Weimar Transcultural Music Studies will embark on a search for the diversity of an archaic, multi-faceted music. In 2015 and 2016 they will be accompanied by filmmaker Dirk van den Berg. Samule Yirga describes his life project as a “Guzo” (Journey), that will take the group through a breathtaking country with three climate zones and 5,000 meters difference in altitude.

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Global Music Database

Ecological sustainable solutions for online media in complex networks

The project Global Music Database aims to develop a computer-based music analysis engine, which should automatically recognize and classify music genres worldwide. Therefore the musicologists of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar work closely together with digital audio engineers from Bach Technology and from the Institute of Digital Media Technology (IDMT) Fraunhofer Ilmenau, striving for a common approach of understanding and analyzing the most different musical styles, from traditional to pop. 26 musicologists and music experts from many regions of the world are joined together to select the most typical musical samples and characteristics of their cultures.

This project provides the possibility of a worldwide discussion, comparison and understanding of music with a common goal: the collection and automatic analysis of musical information.

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