The Liszt Foundation

The Liszt Foundation was launched in 2006, to mark the occasion of Franz Liszt’s 195th birthday. The foundation is part of the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft (Association of Foundations for German Science).

The core objective of the foundation is to promote scholarship and research, and to support talented young people on their journey to the global concert stage, and, by extension, to maintain and shape a lively musical culture.

Funding programme for young artists

Thanks to the promise of a generous donation, which is spread over several years and amounts to EUR 50,000 per annum, the foundation was able to set up an additional funding programme in 2008. This enables students at the Weimar University of Music and pupils at the Music Grammar School ‘Schloss Belvedere’ to receive support in exercising their artistic talents, for example, through the funding of participation in competitions and masterclasses. Overall, more than 100 young artists are already benefiting from the funding programme.

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Charlotte Krupp Scholarship

Since 2010, the foundation has been able to award up to 5 study scholarships a year, each amounting to EUR 500 a month. This is thanks to a generous donation, which is managed as a separate fund.

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Funding for the university’s international competitions

The four international competitions managed by the University of Music are supported by the Foundation. Prizes and commendations are awarded:

The Liszt Foundation receives financial support from Deutsche Bank AG and a private patron, and it is also backed by Steinway & Sons, Hamburg.