Opera school

Operatic education plays a central role at the Department of Voice | Opera. From the students' first term, vocal training, the study of operatic roles and Lied repertoires, and acting complement each other. The students learn to grasp and understand the meaning of musical / musico-dramatic works. They are taught how to make use of vocal and dramatic skills in order to present thoughts and emotions to an audience – be it in performances of Lied, concert repertoire, or opera. The training is holistic and studies the body's expressive possibilities, uniting voice, gesture, and movement. A main focus is the the preparation and performance of operatic works at the University's studio theatre, and in co-operation with theatres and orchestras from across Thuringia.

"Meine Schwester und ich" - Operetta from Ralph Benatzky


Dolly Fleuriot: Anna Takenaka / Anna Schmidt
Dr. Roger Fleuriot: Florian Neubauer
Charly / Henriette / Annette: Anika Ram
Graf Lacy de Nagyfaludi / Judge: Nils Wanderer
Filosel: Hankyul Lee
Irma: Hana Jung / Natalia Voskoboynikov
A client: Hankyul Lee
Madame Bellesjambes: Paloma Péllisier
Nanette: Franziska Eberhardt

Orchestra with students of the university

Conductor and piano: Veit Wiesler
Director: Elmar Fulda


03.12.2015, 7.30 pm - premiere
05.12.2015, 7.30 pm
06.12.2015, 3.30 pm
10.12.2015, 7.30 pm
11.12.2015, 7.30 pm
12.12.2015, 4.30 pm

Studiotheater Belvedere

"Der Vetter aus Dingsda" - Operetta from Eduard Künneke

Julia de Weert: Jana Hess / Caterina Maier
Hannchen: Andreanne Guay / Natalia Voskoboynikov
Josef Kuhbrot: Hao'en Xing
Wilhelmine: Margarita Greiner / Anna-Luise Oppelt
Egon von Wildenhagen: Nils Wanderer
A stranger: Walter Farmer Hart
A second stranger: Laurin Oppermann
Erna: Meity Mariani Herianto
Gerda: Kristina Milićević

Orchestra of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Conductor: Markus L. Frank
Director: Prof. Elmar Fulda
Scenery, costumes: Imme Kachel
Choreography: Cedric Lee Bradley

October / November 2014 | Studiotheater Belvedere

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® Candy Welz

"Die heimliche Ehe" - Opera from Domenico Cimarosa

Gerbrand: Fang-Hao Chao / Hoen Xing
Frau Talma: Michaela Schneider / Ann-Kathrin Taubert
Elisabeth: Stefanie Hildebrandt / Marleen Mauch
Caroline: Katharina Boschmann / Johanna Wydorska
Falkenstein: Matthew Pena
Baron Wallenstedt: Johannes Leuschner / David Wijkman

Conductor: Markus L. Frank / Vladimir Yaskorski
Director: Tilman Hecker
Scenery: Moritz Nitsche
Costumes: Julia von Leliwa
Choreography: Jutta Ebnother

May / June 2013 | Theater Nordhausen

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® Roland Obst / Theater Nordhausen

"Così fan tutte" - Opera from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fiordiligi: Raffaela Maria Lintl / Katharina Schwarz / Tae Eun Kim
Dorabella: Katja Bildt
Guglielmo: Nils Stäfe
Ferrando: Saya Lee
Despina: Katharina Boschmann / Anne Dietzmann
Don Alphonso: Michael Borth

Orchestra of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Conductor: Prof. Ulrich Vogel
Director: Prof. Elmar Fulda
Scenery, costumes: Imme Kachel

October / November 2012 | Goethe-Theater Bad Lauchstädt, Theater Aschaffenburg, e-Werk Weimar

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® Ina Schwanse / Candy Welz