Every fold counts: 70 years of Accordion specialisation

Celebration - Symposium - Concert // 30 November 2019

We’re 70, and every fold counts! Germany’s oldest specialisation, and the one imbued with the most tradition, celebrated its instrument on 30 November. the festivities were opened up fold by fold: artistically, creatively, and compositionally.

And the motto? Finding togetherness by making music independently, discovering new opportunities through discussion, telling tales of unforgettable memories, experiencing the present through sound... and celebrating together!

Professor Stölzl’s celebratory speech will remain anchored in the history of the university, with its sparkling wit. But that was not the only sound to be heard: the large-arrangement composition that Steffen Schleiermacher was commissioned to create by the university, to mark the anniversary, enjoyed a brilliant premiere on 30 November, which threw the doors to the future wide open.

And all this in a bustling atmosphere, with teachers and learners, students of the past and students of the future. It was wonderful to see more than 50 alumni from various graduation years at the event, with the oldest alumna having studied in Weimar from 1960 to 1964.

Bringing history to life and shaping the future as we celebrate in the present.

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