Objectives and Content of the Degree Programme

The degree in Teaching music in Weimar

Do you care deeply about music?
Do you like working with children and young people?
Are you interested in a degree that is both artistically and academically demanding?
If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you might consider studying Teaching music in Weimar.

Teaching music at the Department of Music Education and Church Music at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar means:

  • Studying in the cultural city of Weimar, with its unique cultural offers
  • An artistic and academic degree encompassing the entire breadth of dealing with music
  • No specialisation, but individual areas of focus within a broad education
  • Studying at a unique location in the Klostergebäude am Palais, with outstanding facilities and very good opportunities for practice
  • The option of taking postgraduate studies in an artistic subject or a doctorate in Music Pedagogy, for example

At the LISZT University, one can study Teaching music as part of a double major degree (Music with additional depth and expansion) or as a two-subject degree (with an additional school subject at the University of Jena).

Selected content of the course

Artistic Major Subject
The quality of school musicians is shaped to a critical extent by the high level of their artistic skills, which is why we set particular store by offering challenging artistic training, especially in the selected major subject. Any of the instruments of the orchestra, and various jazz, rock and pop instruments, as well as singing (classical and/or jazz/pop) can be chosen. One unique element of the Weimar programme is the opportunity to study School Piano Techniques as the instrumental major subject.

School techniques
We do not believe that music didactics is an end in itself: instead, we strive to create a close connection between academic questions and school techniques. As a result, all the events on music didactics are handled by experienced experts in school techniques. As preparation for your subsequent professional career, you will complete a practical semester during your degree, along with supervised teaching sessions.

Speech training
Presentation skills, and a professional approach to using one’s speaking voice at school and in front of an audience, are indispensable for new teachers.

School ensemble techniques and big band
In the Schupra bands, you have the option of learning band instruments (drum set, e-bass, e-guitar, keyboard) at a level appropriate for school techniques, while the fundamentals of music production are also explored from a thematic perspective. The School Music Big Band also offers instrumentalists the opportunity to play music, ranging from jazz to pop, at a high level.

Choir/ Choral Conducting
Choral music has traditionally been a focal point of studies in Teaching music in Weimar. The broad repertoire stretches from the Jazz Choir to the Chamber Choir, which were developed through active participation in the various choirs and on conducting courses.