Studying abroad

Never again so convenient

It will probably never be as simple to go abroad for a long time as during your study. Away from your familiar environment you will get to know new things: other people, different ways of life and views, other teachers and methods, unusual ways to handle music, foreign languages... this all widens view points and gives new impulses for the artistic and academic development! In addition to this, it can only be of advantage to make connections to the international job market!

Study abroad is possible for up to two semesters. In exceptional cases it can be also extended. Usually one is given time off for the foreign study from the home university. The vacation semesters are not subtracted from the main course of studies, which will be extended by the number of semesters abroad. This is particularly interesting for young musicians because it is a good opportunity to prepare themselves more thoroughly for their future occupation.

Exams and tests completed during their study abroad can be taken into account for those students who would like to complete their studies quickly.

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Conditions and recommendations

If a student wants to study abroad, he/she should usually have completed two semesters of his current course of study. This is even a definite condition for an ERASMUS exchange. It is important to plan the foreign stay very early! It is also adviseable to learn or refresh the language of the chosen country. The student should develop very clear conceptions of the goals of his/her study abroad in advance. Will it mainly concern the main instrument or rather a widening of abilities in other areas, in order to extend the career opportunities after study?

Problems can develop, if the professor at the guest university teaches a different technique to that of the professor in Weimar. Therefore one should only consider study abroad when the instrumental / singing technique are stable enough to withstand new ideas. In each case, it is advisable to discuss and prepare carefully for the stay with your professor.


One of the most important aspects of the organization of a stay abroad is the securing of finances. Besides ERASMUS there are further possibilities to obtain resources for study abroad. Those who thoroughly examine their finances before their stay, protect themselves against unpleasant surprises. The cost of living is often higher abroad than in Germany. One cannot rely on small part-time jobs.