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ERASMUS is an education project of the European Union with the aim to support the international student and academic exchange. It has, among other things, the task of arranging a 3 to 12-month period of study in a foreign country.

What advantages does ERASMUS offer?

  • One does not have to audition at the partner university
  • Only a tape or CD with approx. 15 minutes of music is required
  • The application procedure is simple
  • One receives a small financial subsidy
  • Study fees must not be paid
  • Study and test results will be recognized in Weimar
  • A subsidy for an intensive language course can be applied for, if a student visiting a country with a less common language needs preparation


For study abroad up to two terms at a partner university with ERASMUS one has to apply to the International Office by the 31 January for the following academic year. One must fill out the available forms. Applications can also be made later during the academic year since there might be study places available at the partner universities and a stay can also be organized at short notice. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

All necessary documents for an ERASMUS exchange can be found in the form library.


  • Dr. Jens  Ewen

    Dr. Jens Ewen

    Academic and Student Affairs – Director
    International Office – Director
    Member of the Senate
    Student counseling | Problems during Studies | Legal Basis for Studying and Teaching | International Cooperations
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 105
    03643 | 555 156
    03643 | 555 147
  •  Sandra  Domanetzki

    Sandra Domanetzki

    Academic and Student Affairs
    International Office
    ERASMUS (students and university staff) | PROMOS | STIBET | Advice on stays abroad | DAAD Prize
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 103
    03643 | 555 141
    03643 | 555 147

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