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The library offers the institution's students and tutors the use of its reading room (standard literature, reference material), an internet access point, photocopying facilities, interlibrary loans, as well as the acquisition of loan materials. The library's musicology department has become a well-equipped specialist library in the short period since the foundation of the Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena in 1989/90.

The library's holdings are spread out over numerous locations. In the catalogue, you will also find titles without location, or with the location 'Großformat' or 'Magazin'; these can be found in the main library.

The same is true of titles held in the reading room, though these can be used only in the library. Items with the location 'Teilbibliothek Musikwissenschaft, Hochschulzentrum am Horn' are reference works which, in some circumstances, may be available for lending over the weekend.


Opening hours

Main library

Monday  9.30 am – 1.00 pm
Tuesday to Thursday  9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Friday  9.30 am – 4 pm

Musicology library

Monday to Friday  9.00 am – 8.00 pm
Saturday  9.00 am – 4.00 pm

The opening hours during spring & summer break may vary: Please check the German site.

Main library

Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
Platz der Demokratie 2/3
99423 Weimar

Media from the main library can be borrowed only by members and affiliated members of the university.

Books and sheet music may be borrowed free of charge for 42 days, for CD's and DVD/BlueRay it's only for a period of 7 days. This limit may be extended up to two times. Failure to return an item by its due date will result in charges! Cost: first reminder: Euro 1.50; second reminder: Euro 2.50; third reminder: Euro 4.00 per item.

Non-members of the university may use the library's holdings at any time in the library reading rooms.

Musicology Library

Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
hochschulzentrum am horn
Carl-Alexander-Platz 1
99423 Weimar

Since the foundation of the Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena in 1989/90, the musicology library has rapidly become an excellently stocked specialist library. During the first ten years of its existence, the holdings were kept in the ground floor rooms of one of Weimar's town-centre villas. The library moved to its present home in the hochschulzentrum am horn at the Streichhan barracks in 2001. Four rooms across four floors provide space for the comfortable, open-access presentation of the entire holdings.

The library's holdings are divided into four general areas, divided onto the four floors:
  • Listening area (1st floor)
  • Information and reception area (2nd floor)
  • Musicological holdings (3rd and 4th floors)

The musicology library is a reference-only library with open access to all materials, and with generous opening hours (59 hours per week). Members of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar may, in some cases, be able to borrow materials over the weekend, and teaching staff may take out materials for teaching purposes on a daily basis. Volumes from collected editions, encyclopaedias, or journals may not be taken out of the library. CDs, records, and rare books are available for use in the library on request. Audio, video, and copying facilities (chip card required), as well as microfilm and microfiche readers and an e-piano are also available for use in the library. The library computers may be used for research and academic purposes. Non-members of the LISZT UNIVERSITY may use the library's holdings in the library only. The fourth floor also has two separate carrel desks, which can be offered to advanced students of musicology for a limited period of time.