Suspension of studies

In certain situations, you may apply for a suspension of your studies:

  1. Should any illness prevent you from duly following your studies
  2. Maternity/ parenting leave
  3. For studies abroad
  4. For any professional employment in line with the aim of your studies
  5. In preparation for the final examination
  6. Should you hold any offices within the LISZT University's student administration or the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, which require exceptional time commitments

When applying for a suspension of your studies please use this form. It requires written justification, and must be made by the deadline set by the administration. You must indicate the relevant term(s) and duration.

You must attach:

  • Proof that you have paid the relevant administration and programme fees
  • Proof of your reason for suspension

A suspension may normally be granted for up to two terms. A suspension for the first term in any given programme is permitted only on the basis of reasons 1, 2, and 6 (above). Deadlines for examinations remain unaffected. It is possible to take examinations during the period of suspension, given the valid registration of suspension.


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    Petra Ranacher

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