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Student Counselling

Information about your studies

Courses, problems during the studies, studying abroad

Dr. Jens Ewen
+49 3643 | 555 156


Examinations, recognition of exam qualifications

Monika Böllmann
+49 3643 | 555 324

Dorin Kruchen
+49 3643 | 555 169

Sandy Majuntke
+49 3643 | 555 145


Re-registration, suspension of studies, fees, long-term fees

Petra Ranacher
+49 3643 | 555 146


Studying abroad, ERASMUS+

Sandra Domanetzki
+49 3643 | 555 141


Courses, health insurance, Studentenwerk, legal issues, additional studies

Signe Pribbernow
+49 3643 | 555 184


Office hours

Tuesay + Thursday  9.30 – 11.30 am and 1.30 – 3.30 pm
Monday, Wednesday + Friday  just by appointment

Academic Advisory Service


choosing your programme, testing your suitability, informal auditions, programme and subject specific enquiries, queries about individual courses, outline of degree structures, profiles and profile options, planning your degree, modules, module components, optional modules, registering for modules and examinations, proving qualifications, overview of modules, regulations for programmes and examinations


Faculty I
Department of String Instruments and Harp: Prof. Dominik Greger
Department of Wind/ Brass Instruments and Percussion: Prof. Frank Forst
Department of Conduction and Opera Coaching: Prof. Ulrich Vogel
Department of Vocal Studies and Theatre: Prof. Christoph Ritter
Department of Guitar: Prof. Christiane Spannhof

Faculty II
Department of Piano and Accordion: Prof. Grigory Gruzman (piano), Prof. Karl-Peter Kammerlander (artistic song interpretation), Prof. Claudia Buder (accordion)
Department of Early Music: Prof. Bernhard Klapprott
Department of New Music and Jazz: Prof. Robin Minard (electro-acoustic composition), Prof. Michael Obst (composition) and Prof. Wolfgang Bleibel (jazz)

Faculty III
Department of Music Education and Church Music: Prof. Gero Schmidt-Oberländer (school music) and Prof. Michael Kapsner (church music)
Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena: Dr. Daniel Tiemeyer (musicology), Prof. Jörn Arnecke (music theory) and Kerstin Gerth (arts management)

Office hours

For venue and office hours please consult the Deanships.