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Part-time study

The option to study part-time enables students to combine their studies with other obligations or particular life situations. Students can study for their degree, entirely on a part-time basis, or they can just opt for part-time study for certain periods of time.

When studying part-time, one semester is extended to the duration of one academic year. For each semester, students only earn 50 percent of the credit points provided for in the course plan.

A student may only matriculate onto a part-time course of study on the basis of one of the following grounds:

  • A job with average working hours of at least 20 hours and no more than 30 hours a week
  • A disability or chronic illness
  • Raising and caring for children at home
  • Caring for relatives
  • Application process

Enrolment for a part-time course of studies must be addressed to the Department for Academic and Student Affairs. Please submit the application at the time of enrolment, or within the deadline for registration, using the appropriate  form.

In addition, the following documents must also be submitted:

  1. Proof of grounds for part-time study
    • In the event of a job: your employment contract
    • In the event of disability or chronic illness: medical or official certificate
    • Raising and caring for children: birth certificate(s)
    • Caring for relatives: proof of care level from the health insurance fund
  2. A personalised study and examination plan, to be coordinated with the individual responsible for teaching the main subjects (artistic courses) or with the department (pedagogical and scientific courses).

Further information

  • Examination requirements, examination deadlines and dates remain unaffected by this. Students on a part-time course of study are subject to the same assessments and examinations as full-time students.
  • The semester fee is also payable in full by part-time students. Part-time students must pay the fees for exceeding the normal period of study (tuition fees for long-term students) in the same manner as full-time students.

Legal foundations

  • Section 52 of the Thuringian University Act
  • Section 4 of the Examination and Study Framework Ordinance of the LISZT University


  • Dr. Jens  Ewen

    Dr. Jens Ewen

    Academic and Student Affairs – Director
    International Office – Director
    Commissioner for disabled students
    Member of the Senate
    Student counseling | Problems during Studies | Legal Basis for Studying and Teaching | International Cooperations
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 105
    03643 | 555 156
    03643 | 555 147
  •  Petra  Ranacher

    Petra Ranacher

    Academic and Student Affairs
    Student Administration | Enrolment certification | Re-registration | Suspension of studies | Part-time Studies | De-registration | Long Term Fees | Auditors | Statistics
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 106
    +49 3643 | 555 146
    +49 3643 | 555 147