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ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility

Teaching Mobility in German Higher Education (STA): Mobility of Academic Staff (STA1) and International Non-Academic Staff (STA2)

ERAMUS+ funds visiting professorships at European partner institutions (STA1) which comply with the ERASMUS university-charter and have signed a mutual agreement with the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar. By working at international institutions, visiting professors are intended to strengthen the European profile of the host institution, complement their teaching portfolio, and share their own expert knowledge with students unable or unwilling to study abroad. It is encouraged that the visit enables the development of joint programmes with the partner institutions, as well as the exchange of teaching methods and contents.

Visiting professorships must entail at least eight hours of teaching, and may last no more than six weeks (based on the programme guidelines). The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, however, supports such international visits for a maximum of seven days. It is also possible to receive support for courses conducted by international non-academic personnel at German institutions (STA2) in order to strengthen co-operations between agencies, concert halls, opera houses, and others.

Mobility for Skills Training and Development (STT)

As a further means of supporting the internationalisation of Higher Education institutions, skills training and development of university staff (administration and teaching) may also be undertaken at European institutions of Higher Education and international companies/institutions. The visit should last at least one week (five working days) and no more than six weeks (based on the programme guidelines). The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, however, supports such visits for only one week. In certain circumstances, visits of less than one week may also be funded.


  • Dr. Jens  Ewen

    Dr. Jens Ewen

    Academic and Student Affairs – Director
    International Office – Director
    Commissioner for disabled students
    Member of the Senate
    Student counseling | Problems during Studies | Legal Basis for Studying and Teaching | International Cooperations
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 105
    03643 | 555 156
    03643 | 555 147
  •  Sandra  Domanetzki

    Sandra Domanetzki

    Academic and Student Affairs
    International Office
    ERASMUS (students and university staff) | PROMOS | STIBET | Advice on stays abroad | DAAD Prize
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 103
    03643 | 555 141
    03643 | 555 147