Franziska  Fuchs

Franziska Fuchs

Artistic Teacher of Choir and Ensemble Conducting (Jazz/Pop)

Subject/Instrument: Choir Management, Ensemble Management

Klostergebäude Am Palais


Franny Fuchs studied teaching and classical voice at the University of Music Würzburg. During her studies, she directed various choirs around Würzburg, including the Würzburg Jazz Choir ( in February 2010. With this choir, she won third prize at the 8th German choir competition in Dortmund (2010) in the category “Jazz vocals et cetera – a capella” and was awarded a scholarship from the German music foundation “Deutscher Musikrat” for conducting. This scholarship allowed her to attend workshops with Katharina Henryson and Peder Karlsson (Real Group, Perpetuum Jazzile), Jim Daus-Hjernoe (Vox 11, RAMA-Voices), Bertrand Gröger (Freiburg Jazz Choir), Michelle Weir, Jens Johansen (Vocal Line), Malene Rigtrup (Vocal Line), Morten Kjaer (M-Pact), Bob Stoloff, Kim Nazarian (New York Voices), and Matthias Becker, amongst others.

She was awarded a position in choir conducting and vocals at the University of Würzburg in 2011, which includes teaching jazz- and popchoir conducting as well as ensemble improvisation. There she also founded the rock-, pop-, jazz choir “Chorkraut”. Together, they won third place in the category “Jazz/Pop/Gospel A” at the international choral competition as part of the German choir festival in Frankfurt 2012 as well as a special price for exceptional conducting.

She has worked at the German academy for culture and education, the “Bundesakademie für Kultur und Bildung”, since 2013 where she co-runs vocational training in jazz- and pop choir directing (level B). With the support of the Franconian singers’ association, the “Fränkischen Sängerbundes”, she has also directed the multi-regional competitive pop choir Fränk'n'Feel with the goal of providing further training to ambitious choral singers and directors in the areas of rock, pop, and jazz since the autumn of 2014. Apart from this, she has been working with a range of choral associations in German speaking countries since 2010, offering choral coaching and workshops for choir directors in the areas of rock, pop, and jazz.

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